Installation of WombatDialer

WombatDialer is best installed on a separate server on its own, but it can also run on the same server as Asterisk for smaller installations.

Automated installation using RPMs

If you run a RPM based Linux distro like CentOS, you can install WombatDialer automatically by issuing the following commands:

wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d
yum install wombat
Follow the on-screen instructions for initial database installation.

When done, connect to http://myserver.address:8080/wombat; you can login using as user demoadmin password demo.

Automated installation using Docker

If you run Docker, running WombatDialer is as easy as typing:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -d loway/wombatdialer    
WombatDialer will be available on port 8080 in a few seconds. The User Manual has a chapter on running under Docker, including how to set up configuration parameters and to have permanent storage.

Manual installation

In order to install WombatDialer, you need a working servlet container and a MySQL server. A recent version of Apache Tomcat will do. Download the latest version of WombatDialer as a .tar.gz package from: Then:
  1. Unpack the file in your servlet containers's webapps directory and rename the folder to "wombat"
  2. Download the MySQL Connector/J jar file and add it under the WEB-INF/lib/ folder
  3. Restart your servlet container
  4. When done, connect to http://myserver.address:8080/wombat - you will be asked for the MySQL root password to create a local database
  5. When done, login using as user demoadmin password demo.

When done...

The first thing you need to do is to have a look at the User Manual - WombatDialer is a powerful product, but you need to understand its core concepts in order to use it effectively.
WombatDialer comes with a free 2-channel license that you are free to use as you wish - no strings attached. You can then purchase additional channels as you need them - though the best way to run a meaningful test is to request a free demo key to unlock the full potential of WombatDialer for 30 days.
To get help on your shiny new WombatDialer, you may want to visit our forums.